40th anniversary of Roztocze National Park in Poland. This is a national park in eastern Poland, in Lublin Voivodeship. It protects the most valuable natural areas of the middle part of the Roztocze range. Its current size is 84.83 km2 (32.75 sq mi), of which forests occupy 81.02 km², and strictly protected areas 8.06 km². The park has its headquarters in Zwierzyniec.

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The Park was created in 1974 on the grounds that were protected in Zamoyscy’s properties even before II World War. The symbol of Roztocze National Park are Polish ponies.

Among mammals living in the park are red deer, roe deer, boar, red fox, grey wolf, and eurasian badger. In 1979 European beavers were reintroduced and now colonies of the mammal thrive in the Wieprz valley. In 1982 Polish ponies were brought here.

There have been registered around 190 species of birds, including eagles, storks, and woodpeckers. Reptiles are represented by lizards, common European adders, and grass snakes as well as the endangered European pond terrapin. Insect fauna is interesting, with more than 2000 species.   /source: Wikipedia/

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