The cornerstone ceremony for Aero Gearbox International Poland took place on 31th of March 2016. This new factory which is building in Ropczyce, Podkarpackie region, will be manufacturing power gearboxes for aircraft engines.

Well-known companies from aviation sector Rolls Royce and Hispano-Suiza combined forces and started building new factory in Ropczyce, Podkarpackie region, Poland. This investment will cost about 50 millions EUR. This joint venture is called Aero Gearbox International Poland. In December 2016, this factory is to start manufacturing power gearboxes for aircraft engines. At the beginning they will employ about 60 people.

Watch video broadcasted on regional TVP3 channel

The management of the new plant reported that their order book is already half a billion dollars. The new company’s crew is supposed to be a mixture of experience and skills. Some people are already trained mainly in Germany. They are looking for production engineers, chemists, metalurists and CNC operators. In the second phase of the activity the company is also going to take care of the servicing of the aircraft parts and, as it stated, to perform these tasks is already looking for local business partners.