Bed and Breakfast Arte nel Centro in the city center of Verona. It is a perfect localization. It will take only 7 minutes walk (about 550m) from this hostel to “I portoni della Brà” – it’s an archway (old gate) to the antique city center of Verona. Behind this stone archway with a clock, there opens the most beautiful part of Verona, full of narrow and charming streets and antique architecture.


The antique city center of Verona is in semicircle from Adige river to the south direction. It is really a beautiful city!

Antique city center of Verona

Antique city center of Verona


Bed and Breakfast in Verona

“Arte nel Centro” Bed and Breakfast, “Corso Porta Nuova 60” street, Verona – this place I recommend. It is a perfect base to do sightseeing in Verona. They have few own parking places, which cost (if I remember correctly) 10 euro per day. You can also leave a car at the “Corso Porta Nuova” street, but in this zone (zona Centrale di Corona) you pay for parking 1 euro per hour. You can buy at each time parking ticket valid from now up to 2 hours ahead. So such solution is not good for tourists.

In “Arte nel Centro” the service was perfect.


Italian delicacies

I recommend small shop with delicacies that is located nearby Ponte Pietra bridge at Via Ponte Pietra. There is small bar Terrazza Bar Al Ponte and at the right side of it there is a shop with Italian delicacies “ALIMENTARI”. They offer wide range of cheese, prosciutto of many kinds, olives and paprika in oil, oil of olives, Mediterranean cottage cheese like feta and much more. The you can feel a real Italian flavors and taste perfect Italian food.

Alimentari Verona

Alimentari Verona

From this Italian alimentari shop is very short way to Castel San Pietro. You go right through Ponte Pietra brigde (first finished in 100 BCE, this scenic Roman arch bridge was rebuilt after being destroyed in World War II) and then in front of the bridge is narrow Scalinata Castel San Pietro alley. You go there. There are some stairs. This alley goes up. The difference in hight is 47 m, but when you achieve your goal there up is waiting for you charming view with antique city panorama. It’s really worth to go there. From this Italian delicacies store it will take 10 minutes. Take good camera – it’s a perfect place for beautiful pictures.


Verona’s must see

Piazza Delle Erbe – Storied, historic town plaza surrounded by cafes & buildings with quaint architecture. It’s market square of Verona. It was once the town’s forum during the time of the Roman Empire. The northern side of the square is occupied by the ancient town hall, the Torre dei Lamberti, the Casa dei Giudici (“Judges’ Hall”) and the frescoed Mazzanti Houses. Many buildings facing the square have maintained facade frescoes. On the southern side is the crenllated Casa dei Mercanti (“House of the Merchants”, also known as Domus Mercatorum), now the seat of the Banca Popolare di Verona. Other buildings, the tall houses of the Ghetto, are reminiscent of medieval tower-houses.

Verona Piazza Erbe (part of the square)

Verona Piazza Erbe (part of the square)

In the middle of the square is the fountain (built in 1368 by Cansignorio della Scala), surmounted by a statue called Madonna Verona, which is however a Roman sculpture dating to 380 AD. This fountain is the most ancient monument in that square. Also historical is the capitello, dating to the 13th century, during which it was used for several ceremonies, including the oath of investment of the city’s medieval podestà and pretors. Towards Via Cappello is another column, with a 14th-century aedicula with reliefs of the Virgin and the Saints Zeno: Peter and Christopher.

To the Piazza Delle Erbe you can walk through Porta dei Borsari, that is an ancient Roman gate in Verona. It dates to the 1st century AD, though it was most likely built over a pre-existing gate from the 1st century. So, then you walk Corso Porta Borsari street with a lot of shops, bars and restaurants. And this way you get to Piazza Delle Erbe. This square is very busy. There also are a lot of restaurants and pubs. It is one of the Verona’s must see.


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