From Munich (Germany) to Georgia (Georgien) it is easy to get there by plane. Direct flights are offered by e.g. Lufthansa. It take off at 21:45 from Munich Airport, and land at 3:30 local time in Tbilisi Airport. It’s good to remember, that Georgia is in another time zone and that time is Munich time +2 h. So, if in Munich is 7:00, then in Tbilisi is 9:00. This makes so, that in fact you spend 6 hours on a plane! That’s quite a lot. In a late September return ticket for one person cost about 1 thousand EUR in option “Economy classic” with registered luggage 23kg.

I think, that the first thing I will do is to get or buy sim card of Georgian cellular network, because Georgia in my cellular tariff belongs to very expensive roaming zone. So, it will be profitable to get local prepaid sim card of cellular network and thanks to that get access first of all to data transmission (mobile internet). It will facilitate touring and sightseeing, and make it more effective and more precious 馃檪 I have heard that Georgian network named MAGTI has the best coverage of signal (availability).

Quite interesting can be comparison between direct flight from Warsaw Chopin Airport (LOT Airlines) to Tbilisi and from Munich (Lufthansa Airlines) to Tbilisi. Regarding this first connection, the cost of return direct flight ticket equals 2 491,99 PLN (it is 582,24 EUR, 4,28 PLN= 1 EUR, according to medium rate of exchange dated 2017-09-15). Registered luggage 23kg is included. The return ticket price from Munich to Tbilisi is – as mentioned above –聽923,27 EUR. As you see, that is rather big price difference.

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Interesting places, that we recommend in Georgia:

  1. Tbilisi – capital city of Georgia,
  2. David Gareji Monasteri St. David Lavra,
  3. Kakheti ( Sighnaghi, Bodbe Monastery, Gremi – Historic citadel & church with a museum, Telavi [Telavi is the main city and administrative center of Georgia’s eastern province of Kakheti], Alaverdi Monastery, Ikalto Monastery, Tsinandali),
  4. Mountains ( Ananuri [Mtskheta-Mtianeti], Stepantsminda)