TEDxTUM started to looking for volunteers to its organizing team. TED is – as you probably know – a famous multidyscyplinary conference that is organized in many cities worldwide. It runs in alignment with its slogan: Ideas worth spreading and focus fantastic speakers which talks are accessible online. Now you can apply for organizing team on a positions  like: Curation Team Member, Partnerships Coordinator, Designer, Programmer, Marketing and PR, Operations, Speaker Coach. The deadline is 17th of February 2018. You can apply on a website: tedxtum.com.


 – Curation Team Member – 

We assemble all the TEDxTUM content into sessions. Our main job is to find incredible ideas in and around our community, and help speakers’ ideas develop into their best versions. We work tirelessly to ensure our speakers do well and have a great experience on stage!

As Curation Team Member you will:

  • Devise the event theme and curate the session content
  • Research ideas, speakers and performances in and around the community (both online and offline, e.g. at events)
  • Contact potential speakers and performers and define a roadmap for developing their idea
  • Coach speakers to perfect their idea into the best possible form, through iterative rehearsals and constructive feedback rounds
  • Take care of our speakers: plan activities and provide individual, moral, and organizational support throughout the year

What should you bring as Curation Team Member?

  • Flexible time investment to be able to accommodate to speakers (on average 1-2 weeknights/week, can be more/less depending on proximity to events)
  • Willingness to give in-depth, constructive feedback on content both in person and in written form (e.g. by editing a script)
  • Interest and curiosity in a wide variety of fields and topics
  • Excellent communication and English skills (both written and oral)
  • FYI: We will hold a workshop with interested curation team candidates on the evening of the 26th or 28th of February. Looking forward to meeting you 🙂


 – Partnerships Coordinator – 

We bring the money in to make it all possible! We love to talk about what we do and find organizations that are equally excited about spreading ideas. Instead of plain sponsoring, we create partnerships, in which both sides add value to TEDxTUM.

As Partnerships Coordinator you will:

  • Identify and contact companies and institutions for potential partnerships
  • Work hand in hand with the partners to help them create meaningful experiences for our attendees
  • Make our events possible!

What should you bring as Partnerships Coordinator? 

  • Willingness to contact and meet with representatives of companies that can become potential partners
  • Ability to communicate the TEDxTUM mission and how it overlaps with the company’s values
  • Professional conduct, reliability, and structured work style
  • Excellent communication and German skills (both written and oral)
  • Flexible time investment to be able to accommodate to partners’ schedules (e.g. contact them during the day)


 – Designer –

You shape how people perceive TEDxTUM and the upcoming event theme. Your fingerprint is all over our print and online material, and through your amazing designs, people get excited about attending and being part of the next TEDxTUM event!

As Designer you will:

  • Design and create everything visual around TEDxTUM
  • Illustrate the event theme graphically for the event
  • Work with the individual teams to create designs according to their needs. This can be print material or digital visuals for the website and social
    media, or whatever else you agree on!

What should you bring as Designer?

  • Solid experience as graphic, visual or web designer (Motion Design is not mandatory)
  • You should enjoy creating unusual and memorable designs based on crazy ideas and brainstorming sessions
  • Self-organized, reliable and committed for the full 2018 year


 – Programmer –

You live in the digital world and enable TEDxTUM attendees to do the same. You’re full of crazy ideas of how to use technology to let people experience our mission.

As Programmer you will:

  • Realize digital tools at TEDxTUM. The sky is the limit – our team has lots of ideas and we can’t wait to hear yours!
  • Coordinate with the marketing team on how to integrate technology into our campaigns
  • Take care of our website (runs on Kirby CMS)

What you should bring as Programmer?

  • Solid experience in object-oriented programming and web development (e.g. PHP, Java, Objective-C or Swift, JavaScript etc. – you don’t have to be experienced in all of these, though, we will discuss where your strengths lie and adapt to them)
  • Willingness to research and learn new technologies to use for a specific goal, with a focus on simplicity, maintainability and usability
  • Passion for using technology to engage people with content
  • Ability to work autonomously and manage your own time


 – Marketing and PR –

We represent the TEDxTUM brand to the outside. Our main job is to generate awareness of the TEDxTUM events throughout the year. We want to grow our community and create a positive image for TEDxTUM connected to interesting and important ideas.

What will you do with the Marketing and PR team?

  • Create general awareness for TEDxTUM in and outside the TUM and help our community grow
  • Promote TEDxTUM and provide our followers with interesting information about TEDxTUM and the TEDx universe on social media
  • Announce and promote event specific information
  • Find and coordinate media contacts in and outside TUM
  • Plan and order giveaways and material

What should you bring to Marketing and PR team?

  • Consistent availability for attending meetings (bi-weekly) and conducting campaigns during the year
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Willingness to reliably work on given tasks until a predefined deadline
  • Creativity to come up with new ideas for giveaways, campaigns, etc.
  • Excitement about TEDxTUM that you want to share and can convey to others


 – Operations –

We are the team that runs the show! We work closely with all other teams in order to have a clear overview of what is needed where and when during the event, to make sure everyone has a memorable and enjoyable time!

What will you do with us with Operations Team?

  • Make the magic happen!
  • Plan, acquire, build up technical equipment & registration
  • Coordinate & execute event day preparations (layouts, timelines, equipment needed) with various other teams
  • Recruit & prep event day volunteers & photographers
  • Develop sustainability strategies to improve waste management

What should you bring to Operations Team?

  • Flexible time commitment, especially from October-December (on average 1 weeknight/week)
  • Excellent organization skills, ability to keep track of and execute multiple tasks simultaneously, & attention to detail
  • Creative mindset to contribute solutions to potential unexpected problems
  • Ability to work and keep calm under pressure
  • Passion for sustainability


 – Speaker Coach –

Not ready to go all in as a curation team member but want to contribute your professional skills to the TEDxTUM talks? Work closely with a few speakers to ensure their talk is a blockbuster hit!

What will you do with us as Speaker Coach?

  • Lead 2-3 confirmed speakers by the hand throughout their idea development journey
  • Work on rhetorical and stylistic aspects of speaker talks
  • Ensure the resulting talk stays true to the nature of TEDx

What should you bring as Speaker Coach?

  • Solid speaker coaching experience
  • Comfortable working with various personality types
  • Flexibility to adapt to speaker schedules
  • Excellent communication and English skills (both written and oral)
  • Positive attitude