Is it possible to combine poker and networking? It turns out to be, that YES 馃檪 It is possible. On 24th of May 2019 I took part at such an event in Munich.

Gr眉nderpokern is in German language, but of course you can try to catch English speaking people.

Networking event for company founders in Munich

The organizer describe himself as “The best networking event in Germany from founders with founders for founders! Gr眉nderpokern is an exclusive networking event for company founders and interesting personalities from all over Germany and overseas.”. Well, sounds nice, but let’s have a closer look at that through some categories.


I don’t know why but before I bought a ticket I thought that networking will be moderated. I mean that at least shortly at poker table everyone will have for example 1 minute to introduce himself, just to get know each other. It wasn’t so. Networking was possible at the beginning (before we started playing poker there was 1 hour time for networking), during pause (15-30 minutes) and at the end (probably, because I went out after 22:00).


You don’t have to be experienced player. You even don’t have to know the rules of the poker. At the beginning there was a short introduction for non-players, so you can get some general rules of the poker and get to know how to play poker. That is enough to try some playing with so called “poker face” 馃檪 There were 2 parts with poker play (about 90 minutes each), so I would say that it is quite a lot.

Generally there was too much poker and too little networking.

Atmosphere / People

In terms of general atmosphere and spirit it was nice event. Very casual and natural. There were about 80 people, and most of them were young.


At the beginning some sandwiches, sausages, snacks (chips and nuts), during a brake was a pizza time. At any time beverages were available (e.g. bier, juices, wine, Campari drinks).


Werk1 in a neighborhood of east railway station in Munich – nice coworking place in an industrial style.