Custom candles. Just a few years ago it seemed that there is no possibility to make any innovation in candles production. Well, never say never! Now innovation has come to – someone could say – extremely boring candles sector. As far candles had regular shapes: square or circular. Candles will not be boring anymore! Now candles can adopt nearly any shape thanks to new technology used in production of it!

Candles in a shape of your familiar forms!

Just have a look at many examples of shapes of our candles and pick something that you like! We make candles both: in standard shapes series and custom made shapes too!

Do you like original and surprising gifts from holidays? Take a look at candles in a shape of world famous buildings.

We are looking for business partners in Germany in both: wholesale and retail.

Custom candles

Candles in a shape of your familiar forms. Hand made candles, new style. Perfect gift for any person. Gift for any party! 3D candles.

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