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IT Outsourcing Munich

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IT Outsourcing Munich. Nowadays IT support is very important to every successful company. Digital world runs very fast and efficiency in business frequently depends on IT assets you have in your company. We can help you build such assets that will let your company to grow. We are full service IT agency that gathers best IT companies from Poland. It's something like embassy of Polish IT talents ready to work [...]

TEDxTUM in Munich 2018

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TEDxTUM started to looking for volunteers to its organizing team. TED is - as you probably know - a famous multidyscyplinary conference that is organized in many cities worldwide. It runs in alignment with its slogan: Ideas worth spreading and focus fantastic speakers which talks are accessible online. Now you can apply for organizing team on a positions  like: Curation Team Member, Partnerships Coordinator, Designer, Programmer, Marketing and PR, Operations, Speaker Coach. The [...]

Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park is growing

2018-03-03T11:38:19+00:002017-11-02|Categories: Blog ENG|Tags: , |

Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park “Aeropolis” in Jasionka near Rzeszów started operating in 2007. The Park is managed by the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency. From the area of nearly 166 hectares there are only few lots left waiting for investors. But just now work here almost 5 thousand people. Among the companies that have invested in "Aeropolis" this year and bought out plots are, among others Polish companies like Tywent, [...]

Minimal wage in construction sector in Germany

2017-10-20T19:09:36+00:002017-10-20|Categories: Germany Poland|

The minimal wage in construction companies in Germany, which are not part of the employers' union, will increase up to €15,20 per hour next year, the German daily "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" reported. This compromise was negotiated Tuesday night 17.10. 2017 by the IG Bau construction industry union. "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" points out that the IG BAU union was in a situation of political pressure, because if the agreement would not [...]

Emigration of the Poles to Germany

2018-10-26T16:01:37+00:002017-10-19|Categories: Germany Poland|Tags: |

CBOS (Public Opinion Research Center) research shows that since last 10 years Germany is still the most popular country for Poles wanted to work abroad (emigration of the Poles). In terms of average monthly salary, Germany with a 3,7 thousand euros is in the lead of the European Union. And this argument, combined with the location in the immediate vicinity of both states, is encouraging Poles to seek employment in [...]

Custom candles in any shape

2018-10-26T15:57:32+00:002017-10-08|Categories: Blog ENG|Tags: |

Custom candles. Just a few years ago it seemed that there is no possibility to make any innovation in candles production. Well, never say never! Now innovation has come to - someone could say - extremely boring candles sector. As far candles had regular shapes: square or circular. Candles will not be boring anymore! Now candles can adopt nearly any shape thanks to new technology used in production of it! [...]

Saving money is the way of thinking

2017-09-11T07:57:41+00:002017-09-13|Categories: Blog ENG|

Saving money is not easy thing, especially when you have not enough money for meeting everyday fundamental needs. Very often people complain that they earn to less they should, but sometimes their complaining is not adequate to the level of their salaries. They rail, because they like it. It's some kind of their manner. But let's set it aside and go back to saving. When we have for example middle-level [...]

How to save money during everyday shopping?

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Shopping in general is very easy. You go to the shop, take a basket, go among shelves and put product into your basket, then you pay, go home and then you enjoy products you bought. It’s easy work. For most of people it is even great pleasure and good (maybe best?) way to spend time. Well, it might be so, but like this you probably won’t save money, but only [...]

Make saving money your primary everyday habit

2017-09-11T12:48:47+00:002017-09-11|Categories: Blog ENG|

Saving money is a process which is composed of everyday even small, single act of saving. It is very important to be systematic, because when you save regularly, you will reach the best results of this activity and you will save more money. Let's have a look at Warren Buffet, who is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. What does Warren Buffet say on earning? "Never depend on single [...]

Trip to Georgia from Germany (Munich), 2017 IX

2017-10-08T16:00:44+00:002017-09-10|Categories: Blog ENG|Tags: , |

From Munich (Germany) to Georgia (Georgien) it is easy to get there by plane. Direct flights are offered by e.g. Lufthansa. It take off at 21:45 from Munich Airport, and land at 3:30 local time in Tbilisi Airport. It’s good to remember, that Georgia is in another time zone and that time is Munich time +2 h. So, if in Munich is 7:00, then in Tbilisi is 9:00. This makes [...]